The Best Finds at the International Folk Market 

The International Folk Market comes to Santa Fe each July with one mission in mind: to sustain and enhance the lives of local folk artists. Many of these artists practice the craft not only to produce beautiful pieces, but also to preserve long-standing traditions. There’s something special about handmade folk art, mainly including blankets, pottery, and baskets, […]

Have the Best Time at the Abiquiu Chamber Music Festival 

New Mexico is home to a diverse arts culture. For many years, Native Americans in the area used artistic mediums to express their life and culture. Later, these pieces became a key component of understanding Native American life in New Mexico and beyond. Music, in particular, played a pivotal role in Native American life. Music’s […]

Noteworthy Santa Fe, NM, Concerts You Need to See 

Santa Fe’s culture is loaded with various art forms. From tangible art like paintings and sculptures to intangible forms like music, Santa Fe has it all. A lot of the arts in our area translate a message about or represent something from Native American life. However, there are also galleries and museums that are dedicated […]

What You Need to Know About the Santa Fe Opera House 

Santa Fe is a city steeped in rich arts culture. From art galleries to theaters, you’ll find plenty of ways to immerse yourself in the arts and appreciate new forms of entertainment. One particular local attraction that has been an icon in the performing arts world is the Santa Fe Opera House. Opera newcomers and lovers […]

What’s the Best Way to Fight Santa Fe Altitude Sickness? 

Nothing halts the excitement of a getaway like altitude sickness. Although this condition doesn’t affect everyone, it’s a very real sickness that brings an unpleasant wave of nausea and discomfort to those it plagues. Due to our area’s high altitude, approximately 7,000 feet above sea level, it’s important that you know how to ward off […]

How to Have the Best New Mexico Family Vacation With Kids 

It can be difficult to spend quality time with your family amidst daily responsibilities. That’s why it’s so important to plan at least a few fun-filled family getaways each year. When you venture away from your home base, you also leave some of the stresses of everyday life behind. This leaves more mental space free […]

2 of the Most Fun Things to Do on the Dale Ball Trails 

The Santa Fe hiking trails are some of the best in the country, and it certainly shows! Outdoor enthusiasts from all over the world flock to “The City Different” to take advantage of the incredible trails that meander through Northern New Mexico’s unparalleled scenery. Whether you’re in search of your next hike or looking to add something […]

The Best Ways to Travel From Taos to Santa Fe 

There are many wonderful towns and cities to explore in Northern New Mexico, and two of the most popular are Taos and Santa Fe. While only approximately an hour and a half from each other, these two destinations offer a wide variety of different experiences and attractions just waiting to be discovered by you. If you’d like […]

7 New Mexico Mountain Biking Trails That You Have to Try 

Outdoor enthusiasts will find heaven on Earth in Northern New Mexico! From the region’s top hiking trails to outstanding opportunities for skiing, a new adventure awaits around almost every corner! Mountain bikers will also find their fix on several of our area’s exhilarating biking trails. Not only will you enjoy a heart pumping journey down the mountainsides, but […]