5 towns Around Santa Fe to Put on Your Bucket List 

Santa Fe is one of the most beautiful and unique cities in the Southwest and draws a large number of visitors each year, but just outside the city limits lie several towns with their own charm. From old-west style towns to mountain villages and artist meccas, these towns are more than worth the trip.    […]

Fall Mountain Biking Adventures Near Chimayo, NM 

Summer is finally here… WAIT. Summer is almost over? That can’t possibly be! There is still so much to do, more ice cream that needs to be eaten, and more trails that need to be explored. Luckily, autumn is the perfect time to break out your mountain bike for a scenic adventure. The picturesque mountains […]

4 of the Most Fun Santa Fe Bike Trails That You Must Experience 

There is no feeling quite as liberating as the fresh air blowing past you as you whisk down peaceful roads bordered with scenic views as far as the eye can see. Santa Fe has been rated one of America’s best Mountain Bike Towns by USA Today and also one of the Top 10 Mountain Biking Destinations in […]

This is Why You’ll Love Canyon Road Santa Fe 

Hundreds of years ago, when the Native Americans inhabited the region that is now Santa Fe, a half-mile stretch of land was used as a farming community and art colony. Today, that same land has been transformed into one of the best shopping experiences in New Mexico. Canyon Road in Santa Fe is an enchanting […]

The Most Amazing Art to See at Centinela Traditional Arts 

It’s no secret that the Southwest has some of the most intricate and gorgeous woven works in the world! If you love to admire Mexican-inspired tapestries that are full of color and personality, then a visit to the Centinela Traditional Arts is a must! This gallery in Chimayo hosts hundreds of traditionally woven tapestries and wool products […]

6 of the Most Unique Finds at the El Potrero Trading Post 

Since its opening in 1921, the El Potrero Trading Post has become a staple of Chimayo culture and hospitality. Alfonsa Vigil, the shop’s original owner, used to leave her kitchen doors open to weary pilgrims making a visit to the nearby Santuario de Chimayo. The business, originally named The Vigil Store, is now run by […]

The Most Interesting Things to See at Museum Hill in Santa Fe 

Thousands of years before we walked this Earth, Southwestern Native Americans began creating the rich culture and traditions that we can still experience today. Santa Fe is a city steeped in this history. The locals are proud of their age-old traditions and values that their ancestors once held so dear. If you’d like to take […]

Your Ultimate Guide to the Chimayo, NM Pilgrimage 

Each holy weekend, the small village of Chimayo instantly swells from 3,000 people to approximately 40,000! The El Santuario de Chimayo is the final destination of the largest annual pilgrimage in the United States. Despite its immense importance to the Catholic community, not very many people know about its existence. Here is everything you need […]

Everything You Need to Know About the New Mexico Jazz Festival 

What’re your plans this July? Join us in our great state for the New Mexico Jazz Festival! For 14 years, this festival has graced Northern New Mexico with talented jazz artists. Even if jazz music isn’t your favorite genre, these concerts can be a time of discovery as you admire the passion of the artists and […]